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Anatomy & Physiology

Dr. Morgan has worked extensively on programs that link blood chemistry analysis, physical exam findings, and patient symptoms with nutrient imbalances. In addition to this experience he also works as a professor teaching Biological Foundations of Nutrition.

Motivational Interviewing

Before pursing naturopathic medicine, Dr. Morgan worked as a supports coordinator for community mental health. As a coordinator he specialized with dual diagnosed severely and persistently mentally ill adults. These skills translate well to functional medicine where he uses person centered planning and motivational interviewing to help people make lifestyle changes.


Dr. Morgan is a trained naturopathic physician therefore, he focuses on the root causes of disease. These causes are often multi-factorial and can not be linked to a single trigger. Fortunately there are modifiable risk factors that can help people recover their health.

About Dr. Nicholas Morgan

"I have two sayings that drive my thirst for knowledge, "You don't know what you don't know." and "Doctors only know what they read." I pride myself on being extremely eclectic and open to new paradigms and ways of thinking. I use physical medicine, natural medicine, internal medicine, and etc. because optimal care requires conventional and alternative approaches."

Nutritional Biochemistry

Dr. Morgan has acted as a nutritional biochemistry, neuroanatomy, and pathology tutor. His passion for nutritional biochemistry has never gone away. He spends a lot of his continuing medical education hours learning about methylation and laboratory analysis.

Functional Medicine

During Dr. Morgan's residency he trained with functional medicine practitioners and completed training through the Functional Medicine University as well as several Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) Modules. He also worked for the IFM doing research and developing curriculum.

Physical Exam

Performing a physical exam was a very important part of Dr. Morgan's naturopathic education. As a rheumatology resident he performed thousands of physical exams on people with various diseases. With the Institute of Functional Medicine he worked on the nutritional physical exam project which linked physical finding to nutritional imbalances.

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