Certified Nutritional Specialist Supervisor

Dr. Nicholas Morgan is a registered Certified Nutritional Specialist Supervisor with the Board for Certification of Nutritional Specialists. This is a distinction that Dr. Morgan takes seriously because of the impact that educators, coaches, and mentors have had on his life. He is currently accepting applications for students seeking supervision. To apply please complete this CNS Candidate Application and fax it to 517-940-4372 or email morgan@naturopathic.doctor.

What Makes Us Different

First, our pricing is affordable, upfront, and with no hidden costs. This allows for improved budgeting so that the program is not a financial burden. Next, we limit our number of enrolled applicants to 10 per cohort. This allows for an ideal student to mentor ratio. Conference calls as well as the case discussion forums will be less congested. The case discussion forum will allow for a personal encounter that is necessary to facilitate learning.

During Dr. Morgan’s residency, he worked for the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) on various projects and after completing residency, he worked as a researcher to help provide literature for IFM presentations. Thanks to his wealth of knowledge and teaching background Dr. Morgan is able to communicate well on multiple levels. Last but not least, our program is designed for adults with busy lives. Each module is about 40 hours a month. This still requires diligence on the students’ behalf but allows time for them to live their lives while learning from a water fountain instead of a fire hydrant. To learn more about the curriculum please download our CNS Supervision Sample Syllabus.

CNS Documents

Program Fees

This is a  rolling enrollment so you can sign up at any time. The cost is $200 per month to be paid on the first of the month. If you would like to withdraw from the program then notice must be provided by the 20th of the month to prevent payment on the 1st of the following month.

Program Summary

There is no way to learn nutrition in a vacuum. Age, culture, sex, level of physical activity, wellness goals, sleep quality, dental health, and etc. must all be taken into consideration. These aspects, as well as many others, must be considered when working with patients. Below is a summary of what systems will be the focus of each month. Within each subject area, normal physiology, pathophysiology, and nutrition are investigated.

Year 1

  • January – Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • February – Surgical Procedures
  • March – Autoimmune Disorders
  • April – Food Allergies & Intolerances
  • May – Cardiovascular Disease, Dyslipidemias, and Hypertension
  • June – Cognitive/Neurocognitive
  • July – Musculoskeletal System
  • August – Diabetes & Insulin Resistance
  • September – Mental Health / Mood Disorders
  • October – Methylation Management
  • November – Mitochondria
  • December – Prenatal and Infant Nutrition

Year 2

  • January – HIV/AIDS
  • February – Bariatric Surgery
  • March – Liver/Pancreas/Gall Bladder
  • April – Endocrine Disorders
  • May – Pulmonary
  • June – Hematological Disorders
  • July – Cancer
  • August – Reproductive/Renal
  • September – Obesity
  • October – Dermatological Disorders
  • November – Mastication/Swallowing, and Nutrient Absorption
  • December – Nutrient Toxicity
  • At the completion of this program, you will have  1000 hours of supervision and be prepared to sit for your CNS examination.
  • Each module entails approximately 40 hours of work and will look at all aspects of patient care; assessment, intervention, education, counseling,  management, monitoring, and evaluation. This encompasses all 3 categories of necessary experience.
  • Virtual journal club to dive deeply into the role that nutrition plays in different disease processes. 
  • Weekly case studies to learn lab review and analysis.
  • Two 1-hour conference calls per month on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month to discuss the case studies and journal articles.
  • One 1-hour individual phone call a month to discuss areas of interest, assignments, and plans for future practice.

To apply please complete the: CNS Candidate Application